What to Expect from a Home Inspection Report

What Does a Home Inspector Include in Their Report?

A home inspection report is something a professional home inspector writes up when checking the various parts within a building. The goal of this is to find any structural problems and sometimes to advise improvement. This report can be performed at any time; however, it is most commonly asked for by potential buyers before they will close on a property.

There are two parts an inspection report covers; these are mechanical and structural. With the structural part, the inspector looks for things which are considered to be unsafe or are in need of repair. This could include mold or areas where there is the possibility of mold growing, termites, wood rot, cracked foundations and problems with the plumbing. The mechanical part looks into things like the plumbing, air conditioning, and any heating systems.

Once the home inspector finishes their walk through, the inspection report is prepared and given to the individual that paid for it. If this is a potential buyer, then a copy will also be given to the current owner. This report will offer recommendations on how to best clear any potential problems. Then, it is up to the seller and buyer to negotiate who will pay for the repairs if both parties agree they are necessary.

Some areas do not certify their home inspectors; however, there are some associations which an inspector could be a member of. For those that are concerned about ensuring they receive a quality inspection report, checking for memberships in these associations can be a crucial step. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau or ask for references; these are some of the best ways to ensure the inspection report you receive will be 100% accurate.

While an inspection report details various problems, attending the inspection can also be an option. Most inspectors appreciate someone going with them on their walk through because it is easier to explain any problems when a client can actually see them, instead of just reading about them.

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