Want to Know What Gets Checked on Your Potential New Home?

What Items Are Included in a Home Inspection Company Check-list?

A home inspection check list is an important document, which every potential homeowner should carefully read. These check-lists are made to be thorough, the problems with a home can be small, and simple to repair, or major and too expensive to warrant buying the property. The information the inspector writes on this document is invaluable, due to the fact it is a professional inspection. A check list should include every area in a house, from the attic to the basement, from the exterior to the interior. Not just that, the check list must cover any buildings, decks or driveways also found on the property.

Garages, sheds and even barns must all be included by a home inspection company, in addition to porches, entrance ways, and balconies. The inspector will also check on the structural integrity of a property. The condition of the land must be also shown somewhere on the inspection checklist, along with any notes pertaining to the drainage quality of a property, like if it is a safe distance from the house. Wells and water lines have to be inspected too.

Notes on any exterior areas on a property must also be included in an inspection checklist. The condition of the roof is very important, due to the fact that, if it needs replacing, this means a huge expense on the part of the potential buyer. The inspector should comment on the shape of any chimneys and gutters. Whether the siding is in need of attention, the condition of exterior walls and trim, must be included on an inspection list too.

Both the interior and the numerous systems found in a property should be included in an inspection list. These systems range from heating, HVAC systems, electrics, and the condition of the plumbing. The attic and the basement must be inspected thoroughly too. The quality and condition of the insulation in the attic must be noted too, as should the state of the basement. Any moisture issues, and if the basement is finished partially or unfinished must be noted down as well.

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